For thousands of years the placenta has served a place in human culture as a symbol of transition and spiritual integration, as a tool for nutritional and hormonal balance, and to honor the amazing work our bodies do to support new life.

Ingesting the placenta can have amazing benefits for newly postpartum parents, and ongoing hormonal balance throughout menstruation and menopause.

Commonly experienced benefits include:

Increased energy

Stabilized mood

Enhanced Milk supply

Speedier uterine recovery

Hormonal balance

Nutritional supplementation

Other mammals instinctively consume the placenta after birth and in cultures all around the world the placenta is treated with reverence and as powerful medicine. Its rich hormonal and nutrient content includes:

Oxytocin - promotes bonding, positive feelings of love, uterine stimulation, lactation and milk production

Progesterone - helps balance hormones after major dip in progesterone following placental delivery

Prolactin - promotes lactation

Prostaglandin - speeds uterine recovery by helping the uterus contract down to pre pregnancy size

Iron - supports the body in avoiding anemia

Hemoglobin - the body naturally declines in hemoglobin after birth which can lead to anemia, supplementing brings the levels up quicker

HPL (Human Placenta Lactogens) - promotes lactation

CRH (Corticotropin releasing hormone) - relieves generalized anxiety and depression

ACTH (Adrenocorticotropic hormone) - helps regulate cortisol levels and relieve stress

Growth Factor - supports healthy immune function and cellular repair

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) - supports healthy immune function

The placenta acts as a supplement. Restoring the body with these hormones in the first few weeks postpartum can help many people heal faster, have better results with nursing/milk production, experience increased energy, and can give parents an overall feeling of enhanced holistic support, allowing more time and energy to focus on their baby.


Placenta encapsulation is the process of dehydrating and grinding the placenta into pill form. There are two primary methods, the raw method and the steamed TCM method. Once the placenta has been processed either raw or steamed it is dehydrated for 24 hours at 160 degrees.

Your placenta is processed in a safe, clean environment. I follow OSHA standards and have both an up to date Food Safety Certificate and Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate. Each placenta is processed separately and nothing ever comes into contact with your placenta except water and sterile materials. 

Which Method?


With this method the placenta is cleaned with water then gently steamed to 131 degrees F for 30 minutes, then dehydrated at 160 degrees F for 24 hours. This method will kill any potential bacteria. This is the method used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


The placenta is cleaned with water, then dehydrated at 160 degrees F for 24 hours. This method is considered to be more potent in nutrients and hormones as the cooking of the placenta before drying causes some hormone loss. The dehydration is enough to kill GBS and any bacteria from meconium that might be present on the placenta.

With both methods the placenta usually yields between 90-120 capsules but this really depends on the size of the placenta which varies widely. Capsules can be kept for approximately 2-3 years.

Tincture (optional extra, see below for details)

I use a piece of raw placenta and infuse it in 100% proof alcohol for 6 weeks. The tincture is considered more potent than the capsules and can be kept indefinitely and used when needed. It’s generally considered less palatable than the capsules.


Your placenta needs to be stored on ice at the hospital until it can be picked up or transported to me. If I am your doula I will transport the placenta myself after you give birth. Under other circumstances I will give you detailed instructions on how to store it until I receive it.

I will return the processed placenta pills to you within 2-7 days (at home or the hospital) so you can start reaping the benefits as soon as possible!

If there is any concern with infection in the placenta please request that your medical provider remove a piece of the placenta to send to pathology. Once your entire placenta has been sent to a lab it cannot be guaranteed that it has not come into contact with other materials or non sterile objects.


Basic Placenta Package $300

Placenta Pills and dosage instructions

Photograph of your placenta emailed/texted to you

Pick up/Drop off of placenta and package

Optional extras ($25 for each addition)*

Umbilical cord keepsake : Cord is shaped into a spiral, heart or knot - depending on length - and dehydrated. In some cultures the dried cord is used as a teething tool.

Broth (only available with the steamed TCM method) : When the placenta is steamed it creates a rich broth that I can jar and freeze/refrigerate for you. If frozen it can last several months, up to a week in the fridge.

Smoothie : Fruit / Veggie smoothie made to your taste with or without dairy and pieces of raw or frozen placenta.**

Print of your placenta : Before processing I make a contact print of your placenta using the umbilical cord blood, on high quality paper.

Placenta tincture : A piece of raw placenta is infused in 100% proof alcohol for 6 weeks. 


*Shipping costs may apply
**Ask me about other raw or cooked food preparations available