Maya de Paula Hanika

"I was committed to having as natural a birth as circumstances would allow. Maya provided my husband and I with tons of great information prior to the birth that helped us enter into the experience feeling confident and prepared.

I was in labor for around 27 hours for most of which Maya was present. To say that her support and focus were unwavering would be an understatement. As someone who, in daily life, finds it difficult to ask for help, the ways in which labor made me vulnerable and dependent upon those around me was incredibly challenging. Maya was completely present with me during every moment, anticipating my needs, reminding me to breathe, and advocating on my behalf - all with boundless patience, love and compassion.

Maya, I feel such gratitude when I think of how Rilke came into this world and I owe it all to you. Your deep intuition, self-assuredness and empathy made a very long and painful labor into the most compelling evidence of the transformative power of love that I have ever personally experienced. We are all so lucky to have you in our lives." - Nikki, First time Mom, Birth Doula Client


"Maya brings with her a breath of clarity and lightens any mood and makes vulnerabilities feel comfortable. I had a planned home birth and tensions were heightened as my partner and I tried to set up the birth tub and my labor seemed to be getting intense VERY quickly. As soon as Maya showed up...the air in the room shifted and she helped our frantic selves calm down and get things in order. Maya was at my side and picking up on exactly what I needed throughout the birth. 

Having her to contact whenever towards the end of pregnancy was crucial to my well being as well.....she is amazing at what she does and I can't recommend her enough!" - Mae, First time Mom, Birth Doula Client


"Sitting in our hotel room near the hospital, we vicariously experienced the drama taking place. We heard in David’s voice, amidst the tension of the drama of labor, a profound admiration for Maya’s nurturant and effective coaching. We had the sense that Maya was profoundly in tune with the family in the room. As the hours passed, we were humbled by Maya’s quiet yet palpable charisma steadily at work in giving life." - Elinor, First time Grandmother, Birth Doula Client Family


"It was wonderful to have Maya present at our birth, she really had my well being at heart. She had no problem communicating with the nurses and trying to make the environment as peaceful as possible.

She encouraged me to have a natural birth, like I wanted, but when I demanded an epidural she was so supportive. She was a great partner with my husband and was very capable and gentle in directing him. I loved having her!" - Tia, Second time Mom, Birth Doula Client


"I'm not sure what I expected since this was my first baby as well as first doula experience, but I didn't expect to be so indebted to a person who just a few months ago was a complete stranger to me.

Maya was great during labor, calm when I needed her to be calm and strong when I felt like I had lost all my strength. My husband was also in the delivery room supporting me and he cannot tell enough people how helpful Maya was through the labor process. She really supported both of us through this whole process.

My labor was a fairly quick one even though it was my first baby. Maya was not shy to put in some of the hard work, like holding my leg up during the pushing stage. I was really amazed that she offered to do that for me. And somehow, through all the commotion, screaming, crying, she managed to take the most special snapshots (with her DSLR) of my new family right after I delivered. I know labor is a very special and private moment in a woman's life and letting just anyone participate in that is a huge decision but working with Maya has been the best decision I made for my labor. She will forever be my little Zion's first friend." - Rica, First time Mom, Birth Doula Client


"Early on in our pregnancy, my partner really wanted to hire a doula to assist us through the birth process. I was initially skeptical and I was so so wrong.

My partner Jessica and I interviewed several doulas before we met Maya. There was an instant connection and we hired her on the spot. Maya brings a perfect blend of empathy, integrity, wisdom, and fortitude to her practice. She is deeply knowledgeable about the subject matter and clearly cares about her work. From the outset of the process – whether during in-person visits or via text an ad via text and email –she was engaged with our family.

Jessica and I both wanted a “natural birth” for our son. However, during the pregnancy, I sometimes felt that the natural birthing community sets up an unnecessarily adversarial relationship with medical practitioners. When we arrived at the hospital, I really appreciated how Maya managed to act as an advocate for Jessica in the delivery room while maintaining a collaborative relationship with the midwife and nurses who were acting as our birth team. Maya’s presence throughout the process was soothing for both Jessica and I and I attribute her to being essential in Jessica having the birth outcome she wanted. I am profoundly grateful and thankful that we found her and were able to work with her." - Paul, First time Dad & Birth Partner, Birth Doula Client