Birth Support $1600 - $2000

I am now working in a doula partnership with Cherie Lockwood and Brooke Patmor. Stay tuned for our brand new website COMING SOON! Feel free to reach out via my current contact form.

Payment is calculated on a sliding scale based on income, payment plans are also available. We are currently taking clients within Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco and a limited number in the South Bay. 

Package Timeline:


+ One complimentary visit - Having a doula that you feel comfortable with is so important. This initial meeting gives us time to talk face-to-face,  and get a gut feeling if we're a match. 

+ Two prenatal visits -  During these visits I'll take time to get to know your family and how I can support you. We'll work together to build your preferences for birth and address questions about interventions, hospital/home birth/birth center protocol, and the physiology of labor and birth as we go. I'll demonstrate and practice comfort measures and positions for labor with you (and your partner), and discuss how we'll work as a team both at home and at the hospital/birth center. My goal is to augment and strengthen your confidence to birth your baby with intuition. I do this by centering you and your partner and providing supportive information, guidance, and an extra pair of hands. 

Labor & Birth

+ On call support for your birth from week 37 - Leading up to your due date we might check in more often over the phone or via email and text. I am available 24/7 if you have questions or concerns. When you think you are experiencing early signs of labor we will stay in touch over the phone until you need me.

  • I will provide continuous emotional support and reassurance throughout the stages of labor. My experience and knowledge of labor progress allows me to normalize and reassure you and your partner of how things are going.

  • I provide non judgmental support of your choices, however they may diverge from your original plans.

  • I try to maintain a calm and relaxing birth environment in accordance with your wishes.

  • I provide intuitive physical support using massage, acupressure, aromatherapy, heat/cold therapy and counter pressure.

  • I will make gentle suggestions when appropriate for: position changes, visualization, relaxation, breathing, hydrotherapy and movement. 

  • I will remain with you for 1-2 hours postpartum, offer lactation support if you plan to breastfeed/chestfeed, and help you move and settle into your next room. 

If you are interested in having me photograph any part of your birth I am happy to do so. 

Post Partum

+ One postpartum visit - I'll visit at your home in the week following your birth to follow up with you, see how you're settling in with your new baby, and offer suggestions on newborn care, feeding and self care. We'll also have a chance to follow up about the birth and discuss your experience.