Maya de Paula Hanika

My Mission

The ability to create and birth life is innate. It lives deep in the structure of our DNA, working sometimes against all mental and physical odds. As a doula, I strive to support those I work with in a culture that can alienate us from this ancient truth. I assist families in remaining connected to their intentions and intuitions at a time when birth is often treated as a medical condition rather than a natural human process.

I believe all parents deserve access to options and evidence-based care both medical and holistic. I empower people to connect with their baby and birth, advocate for themselves with informed choice, and prepare for the expansive possibilities that come with this life changing transition. With knowledge and understanding that everyone’s path is different, I offer unwavering support during your pregnancy and labor, making space for your baby to come into the world with love and respect.

In addition to my private practice I also serve as a volunteer doula at St. Luke's Hospital in San Francisco. 

I'm committed to normalizing non-gendered language within the birth community. I am always looking at ways to make my practice more culturally competent, safe and accessible for all families. 

Education and Trainings

BA - Manchester University (Manchester, U.K) 2009

Birth Doula Training - Natural Resources (San Francisco, CA) 2016

Placenta Encapsulation Specialist - Cornerstone (Bay Area, CA) 2018

Certified Trauma Consultant - From Trauma to Triumph : When Survivors Give Birth (Bay Area, CA) 2018